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Continent:Central America
Country code:BM
Phone code:+1-441
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Bermuda is a British Overseas Territory in the North Atlantic Ocean. It is approximately 1,070 km east-southeast of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina; 1,236 km south of Cape Sable Island, Nova Scotia; and 1,578 km north of Puerto Rico. The capital city is Hamilton. Bermuda is an associate member of Caribbean Community (CARICOM).

Bermuda's economy is based on offshore insurance and reinsurance, and tourism, the 2 largest economic sectors. Bermuda had one of the world's highest GDP per capita for most of the 20th century and several years beyond. It has a subtropical climate. Bermuda is the northernmost point of the Bermuda Triangle, a region of sea in which, according to legend, a number of aircraft and surface vessels have disappeared under supposedly unexplained or mysterious circumstances. The island is in the hurricane belt and prone to related severe weather; however, it is somewhat protected by a coral reef that surrounds the island and its position at the north of the belt, which limits the direction and severity of approaching storms.

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