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Continent:Central America
Country code:BB
Phone code:+1-246
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Barbados is an island country in the Lesser Antilles, in the Caribbean region of North America. It is 34 kilometres in length and up to 23 km in width, covering an area of 432 kmĀ². It is situated in the western area of the North Atlantic and 100 km east of the Windward Islands and the Caribbean Sea; therein, it is about 168 km east of the islands of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and 400 km north-east of Trinidad and Tobago. Barbados is outside the principal Atlantic hurricane belt. Its capital and largest city is Bridgetown.

In 1966, Barbados became an independent state and Commonwealth realm with the British monarch (presently Queen Elizabeth II) as hereditary head of state. It has a population of 284,996 people, predominantly of African descent. Despite being classified as an Atlantic island, Barbados is considered to be a part of the Caribbean, where it is ranked as a leading tourist destination. 40% of the tourists come from the UK, with the US and Canada making up the next large groups of visitors to the island.

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